Kali Escrima

Kali Eskrima (Escrima) is a dynamic, complete martial art that utilises both weapons and empty hand combat.

Eskrima, also known as Kali, Arnis or FMA, is a comprehensive martial art originating from the Philippines. Modern Eskrima has evolved into a practical, realistic, self-defence martial art suited to the violent situations you may encounter today.

This class is suitable for all abilities from beginner to advanced, aged 15 plus.

We run weekly group Kali Eskrima sessions, however should you want to progress at a faster rate, we can offer one2one sessions.

Coach Ian Hindshaw
Experience: Karate wado/ Lau Gar kung fu/ Kickboxing/ JKD/ Doce pares/ Balintawak/ Boxing
Favourite famous martial artist: Bruce Lee
Favourite martial arts movie: Enter the dragon
Biggest achievement: Being awarded black belt
Best part about Instinct?: The training and the people