Instinct Martial Arts offer a range of memberships depending on the students age. Once the membership fee has been paid and registration is complete, students are free to access any of the professionally taught classes on a pay-to-train basis. Come once a week or maximise your training by attending numerous classes. Instinct MA membership is flexible enough to allow it to fit into any lifestyle.


Your safety is our priority

safety measures we will put in place.

. One-way system, the entrance at the front of the building, exit at the rear.

. if you have symptoms DO NOT come to class.

. All students must wash or sanitise hands on arrival.

. Hand sanitiser will be placed around the gym and at the entrance.

. Students must arrive in their gym clothes. No access to changing rooms.

. There will not be any communal gloves or shin guards provided, you must have your own. We have a fully stocked shop.

. Gym mats, any bags, equipment, door handles, toilets, will be cleaned after every use.

. Social distancing measures will be in place. In accordance with government guidelines.

. Use of toilets is for emergency only. if you do use the toilet all touchpoints must be wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes

. Wait in the car park until your instructor lets you into your class, please observe the social distinction.

. Please bring a bag for your shoes, keys, etc.

. Please bring a towel.

. When you arrive, you will be sent to a marked-out area of the gym where you must stay.

. If using bags, you may be asked to form a bobble with a teammate, observing social distancing always.

Licence and insurance

  • Adults - £39.99 p/y
  • Children - £35 p/y
  • NHS and Emergency services - FREE p/y


  • Adult classes £8
  • Children’s classes £6.50


  • Adult bronze membership 1x lesson per week £30
  • Adult silver membership 2x lesson per week £35
  • Adult gold membership 4x lesson per week £45
  • Children's bronze membership 1x lesson per week £25
  • Children's silver membership 2x lesson per week £30
  • Children's gold membership 4x lesson per week £40


  • Beginner course

One2One Lessons

  • £25 per hour
  • £17,50 per half hour
  • Share with friend £5 extra